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Property Management Policies

1. What is Permanent Supportive Housing for seniors and veterans?

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is a nationally recognized model to address chronic homelessness. It combines the stability of a permanent home with case management and coordinated services such as health care, trauma recovery, mental health counseling for veterans, and employment resources that are available for tenants to access voluntarily while living in their own apartment. These services are designed to enable residents to build independent living skills, regain personal stability, and thrive. The goal of PSH is to break the cycle of homelessness or housing instability, allowing seniors to age in place with dignity and veterans to successfully reintegrate into civilian society. The PSH model follows a housing-first approach, respects tenant choice, and collaborates with community resources to offer comprehensive support.

2. Who are these apartments for?

My Angel will provide 53 apartments for veterans and individuals experiencing homelessness

3. Can we see a sample of the house rules and lease agreement?

Yes, we are happy to provide sample copies of the house rules and lease agreement upon request.

4. What is the management staffing for this property?

The property management team includes a property manager, assistant manager, janitor, maintenance technician, and a front desk clerk during non-business hours, with one member residing on-site.

5. How can someone apply for these apartments?

Eligible households for government-subsidized units will be prioritized through the Coordinated Entry System (CES), a County-wide database used to connect the highest need, most vulnerable people in the community with housing and services that best meet their needs. Income- eligible households for affordable units can apply on a first come first serve basis.

6. Will pets be permitted on this property?

Yes. We recognize that companion animals are integral to the well-being of people transitioning out of homelessness, which is why we are committed to keeping residents and their pets together. Additionally, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors now requires all County- financed housing to be pet-friendly. Please see the article below titled "Mandatory and Discretionary Pet Policy Guidelines" for more information.

7. Are residents allowed to have visitors?

Yes. Visitors are welcome expected to follow the same house rules as residents, with specific guidelines on the number of visitor days.

8. What is your policy on additional people who are not on the lease and who want to co-inhabit the apartment?

Anyone wishing to co-inhabit the apartment will be subject to the same qualifying and screening process as the original resident, be a party to the lease, and abide by the house rules. Non-compliance will result in a lease violation for the resident.

Resident Services Programming

9. What resident services staff will be on-site?

The services team will provide support and programing to all residents who live on the property.

10. How long are residents allowed to reside in their units?

Residents may live in their units indefinitely if they comply with the lease and house rules. Many residents stay for several years as their health stabilizes. In cases where residents are not ready or able to live independently, the services team will work with other City and County service providers to find a more appropriate level of care to avoid the resident returning to homelessness.

11. Are residents required to obtain employment? Is it part of your mission to help residents transition back into the workforce?

Residents will not be required to maintain an income or employment. Services staff will work with residents to ensure they are enrolled in the public benefits for which they are eligible to cover rent and other expenses. Residents who would like to secure employment can work with their case management and behavioral health team to participate in job readiness training and seek employment opportunities that meet their interests and abilities.


12. Will there be opportunities for the community to get involved with the property?

Yes! We welcome individual and group volunteers to get involved with our work. There will be opportunities to help with many different groups and activities as well as holiday celebrations. We also encourage our residents to volunteer in the community, so if you have suggestions for ways they can get involved, with please let us know. Join our list to receive email updates on community information sessions where you can participate and ask questions directly.